3rd July Key Highlights: World Cities Summit (WCS), Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) and CleanEnviro Summit Singapore

3rd July Key Highlights: World Cities Summit (WCS), Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) and CleanEnviro Summit Singapore

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Please find below highlights of tomorrow’s events at World Cities Summit (WCS), Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) and CleanEnviro Summit Singapore:






0900 – 1030


World Cities Summit Keynote Plenary

Trends and Opportunities – Urbanisation Forces in the Next 20 Years


The WCS Keynote Plenary features high level leaders in various fields to share their thoughts on long-term visions, trends, innovations and opportunities that are currently shaping and transforming cities into sustainable centres of global networks, economic vitality and talent pools for the future. More information


Venue: Sands Grand Ballroom D, Level 5              

0900 – 1030

Water Convention Keynote Plenary

Water Convention 2012 is jointly organised by the International Water Association (IWA) and PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency. This is a three-day technical conference comprising of 5 “Hot Issues” workshops, 170 poster presentations and 130 oral presentations.


At this plenary, the keynote speakers Mr. Tan Gee Paw, Chairman, PUB; Dr. Glen Daigger, Senior Vice President, CH2M Hil; Dr. Rita R. Colwell, University of Maryland, and Stockholm Water Prize Winner 2010; and Mr. Rob Skinner, Monash University Professional Fellow, Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, will speak on issues related to urban water planning and water quality and health affecting the world today. More Information


Venue: Hibiscus 3603, Level 3

0900 – 1030

Water Leaders Roundtable

The Water Leaders Summit Roundtable will look into some of the successful examples of sustainable and integrated water planning in cities. The panelists which includes prominent speakers such as Mr Paul Brown, Executive Vice President, CDM Smith; Prof Wim Kuijken, Commissioner, Delta Programme, the Netherlands; Prof Tony Wong, Director and Chief Executive, Centre for Water Sensitive Cities; Dr Emilio Gabbrielli,Vice President of Business Development, Toray Membrane & 2nd Vice President, International Desalination Association and Dr Bindu Lohani, Vice President (Knowledge Management & Sustainable Development), Asian Development Bank. They will share insights and learning points from these case studies, and also discuss on some of the challenges and consideration in the planning and design of water-centric cities. More Information


Venue: Begonia 3001, Level 3

0900 – 1100

[WasteMET Asia- ISWA Beacon Conference] Session 1 – Globalisation, Urban Metabolism and Waste Management

Key challenges and associated opportunities will be presented, providing an overview of global demographic, economic and social trends, and showing how this evolution impacts waste management approaches and solutions.


Key speakers include:

·         Grace Fu, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts and the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources

·         Guah Eng Hock, Chairman, Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore

·         Jeff Cooper, President, International Solid Waste Assiociation

·         Antonis Mavropoulos, ISWA STC Chair, President of the Hellenic Solid Waste Association & CEO of EPEM SA Environmental Consultants, Greece

·         Arab Hoballah, Chief of the Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) Branch, Division of Technology, Industry and Economics, of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), France

·         David Newman, ISWA Vice President & Managing Director of CIC (Council of Italian Composters), Italy

·         Paul Brunner, Professor & Head of Waste and Resources Management Group, Vienna University, Austria


Venue:  Orchid 4202, Level 4

0900 – 1800

[CleanEnviro Summit Singapore] Clean Air Forum

The Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA) is collaborating with the National Environment Agency (NEA) to organise the Clean Air Forum to be held in conjunction with the Clean Environment Summit Singapore 2012 on 3 July. The Forum will also be part of the official launch of the SIIA’s Clean City Air Coalition. Clean Air Forum. With the theme of "Innovative Solutions to Improve Air Quality Among Asia's Growing Cities”, the forum will bring together experts from different sectors with knowledge and expertise about air pollution issues to share and discuss ideas for innovative policy, business and technological solutions to air pollution problems.


Key speakers include:

·         Dr Nasir Hassan, WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific

·         Ms May Ajero, Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities Center

·         Mr Eu Pui Sun, Senior Vice President (Sales & Business Development), Senoko Energy

·         Dr Supat Wangwongwatana, Coordinator of the Secretariat for EANET, Regional Resource Center for Asia and the Pacific (RRC.AP), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), UNEP

·         Mr Hidemasa Yamamoto, Senior Analyst, Air Environment  Division, Environmental Management Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, Japan


Venue:  Peony JR 4411, Level 4

0930 – 1100


MOU Signing between HDB and EDF/VEOLIA

The Housing & Development Board (HDB), EDF and Veolia are signing a MOU to work on a complex systems model to optimise urban planning for sustainable living in HDB towns. HDB intends to pilot this complex systems modelling tool for HDB’s Greenprint in Jurong East town. The signing signifies HDB’s commitment, as Singapore’s largest developer, in exploring new technology to promote sustainable living for Singapore's public housing developments.


The event will be attended by the CE of HDB and URA, the CEO of EDF Mr Henri Proglio, and the MD of EDB. The CTOs of EDF and Veolia will be signatories.


Venue: World Cities Summit Media Conference Room, Jasmine 3813

0930 – 1200

[CleanEnviro Summit Singapore] United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) 2012 Asia-Pacific Human Development Report – One Planet to Share: Sustaining Human Progress in a Changing Climate

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will be organising an advocacy workshop on their recently launched Asia Pacific Human Development Report on climate change titled “One Planet to Share”. The workshop will expect an attendance of 50 participants, mainly policy makers and industry decision makers. Ambassador Professor Tommy Koh, who was one of the contributors to the report, has been invited to deliver the keynote address at the workshop.


Key speakers include:

·         Kamal Malhotra, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam

·         Anuradha Rajivan, Team Leader UNDP Asia-Pacific Regional Centre, Bangkok


Venue:  Peony JR 4412, Level 4

1100 – 1230


World Cities Summit: In-Focus Forums

The In-Focus forums are unique platforms for participants to find out about upcoming city-level projects, development hotspots, industry trends and policies across the four key markets of China, India, Southeast Asia and Japan.


The forums capture the energy of urbanisation across the world today, and translate it into real investment opportunities through the Public-Private Partnership framework. Government, industry and investment leaders will find an extensive spread of business networking, partnership information and lucrative deal-making opportunities in these forums. More information


China In-Focus Forum: Sands Grand Ballroom L, Level 5

India In-Focus Forum: Sands Grand Ballroom J, Level 5

Japan In-Focus Forum: Sands Grand Ballroom G, Level 5

Southeast Asia In-Focus Forum: Sands Grand Ballroom B, Level 5

1130 – 1330

[WasteMET Asia- ISWA Beacon Conference] Session 2 – Insights from Major Cities

Cities at different stages of development present different challenges for waste management, from collection and disposal, to resource recovery and sustainable management practices. The considerations for climate change implications and the needs of a more sophisticated population further complicate the equation for a balanced solution. This session will present perspectives of cities at various stages of development, from cities at the cusp of rapid growth and population expansion, to cities that are fully mature.


Key speakers include:

·         Costas Velis, Research Associate, Imperial College London, UK

·         Masaru Tanaka, Professor and Director, Sustainability Research Institute, Tottori University of Environmental Studies, Japan

·         Mie Kodwo, Head of Research and Development Department of Zoomlion and a consultant in The Institute of Sanitation and Waste Management (TISWM), Ghana

·         Ong Seng Eng, Director,Waste & Resource Management Department, National Environment Agency, Singapore

·         Prasad Modak, Executive President, Environmental Management Centre LLP, India


Venue:  Orchid 4202, Level 4

1200 – 1300

Press Conference to announce a series of projects for Metro Manila by Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewage System(MWSS)

The Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS), Philippines’ leading water authority, is inviting journalists, and photographers / camera crew to a media conference as they unveil a series of projects to establish a Water Security Legacy (WSL) for the 15 million residents of Metro Manila, Philippines. 


Mr Ramon Alikpala, Chairman of MWSS, will share with you more details about the projects, their investment value and developments in Philippines’ water sector.


Venue: Jasmine 3812, Level 3

1230 – 1300

Water Leaders Closing

As the Water Leaders Summit comes to a close, summit Chairperson Prof Tommy Koh, will be summing up the key discussions that went on during the two days of the summit. The Chairpersons for the respective Water Leaders Summit Workshop, Dr Lukas Loeffler, CEO – Siemens Water Technologies and Cindy Wallis-Lage President, Black & Veatch, will also provide some closing remarks on their respective topic of discussion. Finally, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for the Environment & Water Resources, Singapore, brings the summit to a close. More Information


Venue: Begonia 3001, Level 3

1330 – 1645


World Cities Summit: Flagship Urban Solution Tracks

There will be a series of Flagship Urban Solution Tracks for government representatives, policy makers and specific industry experts to discuss the challenges and solutions faced by cities around the world in greater detail. More information


1330 – 1500



Sands Grand Ballroom L, Level 5



Sands Grand Ballroom J, Level 5



Sands Grand Ballroom G, Level 5



Sands Grand Ballroom B, Level 5

Senior Parliamentary Secretary for National Development and Mayor for Southeast District Dr Mohamad Maliki Osman will speak at this Track.

1515 – 1645



Sands Grand Ballroom L, Level 5



Sands Grand Ballroom J, Level 5



Sands Grand Ballroom G, Level 5



Sands Grand Ballroom B, Level 5


1400 – 1500

[WasteMET Asia- Business Exchange] A Waste World – Opportunities and Industry

Presentation by Mr Darrell Farley, Principal Consultant, EnviroSolutions & Consulting, Singapore will provide an overview of a study undertaken for National Environmental Agency & IE Singapore on the scale of the global market for Waste Management goods & services and current and potential market opportunities. The study examined the overall global market before conducting more detailed analysis of the potential markets in 16 countries including the incentives and barriers to market entry. China, Indonesia and Thailand were selected as the focus for additional research before identifying specific project opportunities in six municipalities from the three countries.


Mr Richard Wong, PMP, Director, Public Sector & Government Practice, Frost & Sullivan Asia/Pacific, Singapore will also be making a presentation on Singapore's solid waste management industry (e.g. market structure & dynamics, manpower employed and technology adoption etc) including current challenges and achievements. Key learning points from overseas reference economies, as well as Singapore's policy framework and prospective initiatives that are expected to drive recycling, raise productivity and create investment/market opportunities.


Key speakers include:

·         Mr Darrell Farley, Principal Consultant, EnviroSolutions & Consulting, Singapore

·         Mr Richard Wong, PMP, Director, Public Sector & Government Practice, Frost & Sullivan Asia/Pacific, Singapore


Venue:  Hall A, Level 1

1400 – 1815

[CleanEnviro Summit Singapore] CEO Sustainability Forum

The theme for the CEO Forum on Sustainability is “Profitability through Sustainability”. This forum aims to present a robust business case for sustainability, emphasising key current trends on sustainability and the values in adopting sustainability for a sustainable and profitable business through case studies. This forum will also seek to provide a platform for knowledge exchange and experience sharing by CEOs.


Delegates attending this forum will be able to gain international and local insights into the tools for sustainability, have a better understanding of the funding schemes available, and learn first-hand how one manages a sustainable and profitable business by embracing sustainability.


Key speakers include:

·         Mr Andrew Tan, CEO of the National Environment Agency, Singapore

·         Mr Peter Lacy, Managing Director of Accenture Sustainability Services Asia Pacific

·         Ms Janet Ang,  Managing Director of IBM Singapore


Venue:   Peony Jr 4511 & 4512, Level 4

1430 – 1730

Industrial Water Solutions Forum

With energy and water intrinsically linked, industries are searching for innovative solutions to improve water sustainability across the value chain. The Inaugural Industrial Water Solutions Forum will bring together leading multi-national companies from the various industrial sectors such as Royal Dutch Shell from the Oil and Gas sector, Nestlé from the Food & Beverage sector, Fortescue Metal Group (Australia) from the Mining industry and DuPont Sustainable Solutions from the Chemical industry to offer a global view on the key water challenges facing these industrial sectors and how solutions can turn them into opportunities. More Information


Venue: Begonia 3001, Level 3

1500 – 1630

[WasteMET Asia- ISWA Beacon Conference] Session 3 – Future Cities Solutions

This session will explore novel approaches to waste management and provide a glimpse into promising solutions and technologies that can help the industry prepare for the future.


Key speakers include:

·         Carlo Ratti, Associate Professor of the Practice, Director, SENSEable City Laboratory, MIT, USA

·         Dimitris Kaliampakos, Professor, Mining Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

·         Michael Batty, Professor of Planning, University College London, UK


Venue:   Orchid 4202, Level 4

1530 – 1615

[WasteMET Asia- Business Exchange] Tianjin Economic Technological Development Area (TEDA) (Session will held in Mandarin)

Since June 2011, TEDA initiated an innovative project in holistic management of general industrial waste. This project focuses on the reduction, reuse and recycle of general industrial waste produced in TEDA, generating a number of policies which aim at regulating the general industrial waste market and improving comprehensive resource utilization. Up to now, the first phase of the project is successfully concluded while the second phase is underway. Mr Xu Xiuchun, deputy director of TEDA Environmental Protection Bureau, will introduce this project and analyze the challenges and issues encountered during the project. He will also look ahead to the management and market prospect of general industrial waste from the government point of view.


Key speaker include:

·         Mr Xu Xiuchun, Deputy Director, TEDA Environmental Protection Bureau, China


Venue:  Hall A, Level 1

1530 – 1615

[WasteMET Asia- Business Exchange] Abu Dhabi

Mr Atkinson will be sharing information on Abu Dhabi's current solid waste management situation, vision and plans and especially Abu Dhabi's plans for the development of waste-to-energy plants.


Key speaker include:

·         Mr Edward Atkinson, Head of Waste to Energy, National Energy Company –TAQA-, United Arab Emirates


Venue: Hall A, Level 1

1545 – 1730

Establishment of Panasonic’s first Energy Solutions Development Centre in Singapore

Panasonic Asia Pacific invites you to a media conference to announce the establishment of its first Energy Solutions Development Center in Singapore during the World Cities Summit 2012.


The R&D center will look into integrating technologies for creating, storing, saving and managing energy, to develop total energy solutions. The aim is to make Singapore the launch pad for solutions development that can be commercially expanded to the region, and subsequently to the rest of the world.


Speakers at the media announcement are:

·         Mr. Yasuyuki Shintani, General Manager, Energy Solutions Development Center, Panasonic Corporation

·         Mr Julian Ho, Assistant Managing Director, Economic Development Board (EDB)

·         Mr Yorihisa Shiokawa, Managing Director, Panasonic Asia Pacific


Venue: World Cities Summit Media Conference Room, Jasmine 3813

1700 – 1830

World Cities Summit Closing Plenary

Integrated Urban Strategies for Liveable and Sustainable Cities


The WCS Closing Plenary is a platform for most senior-level leaders from government, non-government and business sectors to share their views on the pathways forward for creating and implementing system-wide urban solutions that will deliver on more liveable and sustainable cities of the future. More information


Venue: Sands Grand Ballroom D, Level 5








































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