New Book : How Can Cities and Downtowns Increase Their Competitiveness?

New Book : How Can Cities and Downtowns Increase Their Competitiveness?

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PORTLAND ,OR – Most cities and downtowns are competing with their brands on mute and are not paying sufficient attention to managing their competitive identity or reputation. This is the summation of Bill Baker in his book, Destination Branding for Small Cities – Second Edition. Baker, an internationally recognized place branding expert adds, “Too few city leaders think about the number of jobs, businesses, and other organizations that directly benefit from their city or downtown’s image and reputation. The level of esteem that their name evokes has a direct impact on the health of it as a destination for tourism, economic development, new residents, and investors. Unfortunately, a city’s image and reputation often go largely unrecognized, unappreciated and unmanaged.”

In his second book, Destination Branding for Small Cities – Second Edition, Bill Baker again skillfully cuts through the theory, advertising-speak and jargon to provide a step-by-step roadmap for branding small cities and downtowns to improve their tourism and economic development competitiveness.

The completely revised and expanded volume adds techniques for enhancing city competitiveness, branding in tough times and insights from some of the world’s leading place branding consultants, academics and practitioners. It also features examples of successful place branding from around the world to reflect the global interest in the subject.

Baker demystifies place branding, as well as delivering affordable, proven tools, checklists and techniques to help strengthen the competitiveness and marketing efficiency of small cities and downtowns. His writing style has been describes as engagingly direct and to the point, and his books are recommended as  essential reading for anyone involved in the implementation of city planning, marketing and branding programs.

Ed Burghard, CEO, Strengthening Brand America stated, “For any nation to be globally competitive, its communities need to embrace the concept of branding for both tourism and economic development. The stronger they are, the stronger that nation will become. Bill Baker has done a remarkable job of describing the process, and making it easy to understand place branding. His chapters on subjects like ‘What’s Your Place in the World?’ make it a mandatory read for economic development, downtown, tourism professionals and public officials interested in sustainable prosperity.”

Destination Branding for Small Cities – Second Edition is available on Amazon.com for $US 27.95

About the Author

Bill Baker is President of Total Destination Marketing and is recognized internationally for his pioneer work in branding places of all sizes, from nations to small cities and downtowns. His 30 years’ experience in 25 countries provides the foundation for his leading edge insights and processes, and his unique ability to simplify concepts for non-marketers.

Worldwide Praise for Destination Branding for Small Cities:

Malcolm Allan at Place Matters (UK), “Bill Baker is one of the most eloquent and accomplished ambassadors for, and advocate of, sensible place branding. By that I mean practical, common sense ways of creating places that work, places with discernible distinctiveness, places that you can identify with. Through an extensive array of case study examples and interviews with other practitioners in the field he has assembled a practical "how-to" toolkit for any city governor, mayor, councilor or planner thinking of developing a brand strategy for their place.”

Odd Arne Blindheim, Chairman of the Board, Nordic Urban Design Association, "There is an increasing realization of the important links between urban design and place branding. Bill's book has gone a long way in bridging the gap between the two. Combining the skills of placemaking through urban design expertise and the branding of cities and regions are of vital importance in the future. Bill's principles and guidelines apply to cities and regions in every country."


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