The Emerging Consumers of Vietnam & Cambodia, Opportunities & Challenges

The Emerging Consumers of Vietnam & Cambodia, Opportunities & Challenges

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HANOI , VIETNAM — There can be little doubt that within the constraints of the present global economic crisis, cities of the developed world will need to assist & encourage their local corporations to look toward the new emerging markets of SE-Asia to increase their sales & create new jobs at home.
Vietnam & Cambodia represent a potential new market of more than 110 million new consumers. A very attractive market for struggling companies in the developed world. However the last thing cities in the developed world need, is for their struggling companies to move offices & jobs off-shore. But many continue to do so, with little to no understanding of what they are getting themselves into.
Mr. Paul Lyndon Phillips a SE Asian industry development professional with more than 20 years business experience in Vietnam & SE Asia thinks he has the answer, and is about to start a world speaking tour entitled ‘The Emerging Consumers of Vietnam & Cambodia – Opportunities & Challenges.’
Mr Phillips wants to establish a series of International Product Display Centers (IPDC’s) in Vietnam & Cambodia, where foreign companies can inexpensively display their products & services to potential new wholesalers & agents.  With more than 10 years hands on experience in Vietnam, he believes it is foolish for companies to try and establish offices or relocate some manufacturing to Viet Nam until they have an established market presence. He advises all manufacturers, big & small, to first sell their products through establish Vietnamese wholesale & distribution networks. If after 3-5 years of sales through these networks foreign companies still believe they should establish firmer roots in Vietnam, then they can do so. However, Mr. Phillips is of the firm opinion that more than 90% of companies will opt to continue selling their products & services through their established distribution networks.
The IPDC’s will allow even the smallest foreign manufacturers to begin selling their products into Vietnam. Furthermore it ensures all new jobs & income created from sales into these new markets will remain in their city of origin.
 Mr Phillips is seeking to identify cities whom would like their companies to take part in the Vietnamese & Cambodian, IPDC Programs so he can add them to his speaking tour scheduled for later this year.
Should any city like to find out more about the IPDC program they can contact Mr Phillips directly.
Paul Lyndon Phillips
Asia-Pacific Development Corporation
World Climate Change Challenge

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