Mayor Column

Mayor Column

Post ID: 30088 | POSTED ON: Dec 23, 2011

HALTON HILLS ,  CA — Old man winter has taken December off, but we know he is coming soon and I realize that we all want our streets ploughed right away!  The fact remains that the Town ploughs over 900 kilometres of roads and streets, as well as over 100 kilometres of sidewalks, plus 22 municipal parking lots.  It all takes time, so please be patient.  Our Public Works crews will get to them as fast as they can.  Also, if you have a fire hydrant in front of your home, please assist our firefighters by digging them out.  It could save your home.   Lastly, if you have seniors living nearby, please offer assistance with the shovelling.  I am sure most of you already do.


The Town’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and to promoting a high quality of life has been recognized through an article in Business Review Canada and Energy Digital Magazine. Combined, the two publications have about 1.8 million subscribers.


The Youth Needs Study has now been completed and adopted by Council in principle.  There are many recommendations that pertain to youth.  Some of the goals are short term and of course some are long term goals.  The youth who sat on this committee were excellent.  Youth matters and we need to listen to our youth.  This study will not be sitting on the shelf collecting dust.


Speaking of youth, congratulations to Georgetown District High School students who put on a Christmas music concert to honour a long time music teacher, Eleanor Wallace.  The show must go on and by all accounts, the students gave a great concert.  Kudos to all the students and organizers for showing leadership and courage during an emotional time.


Year end heroes:  I would like to thank the thousands of volunteers and service club members who make Halton Hills a great place to live and work.  Dr. Jeff Sutherland, for your inspiration, Wendy Bruchal and the 9,500 who filled out post cards and put up lawn signs to oppose the 4-3 highway coming through Halton Hills and last but not least, my Dad.


Congratulations to Jean Somerville on her most recent book, In His Words a biography of her great-great grandfather John Newton.


Keeping it real! I can be reached by telephone at 905-873-2601, ext. 2342, or by email at mayor@haltonhills.ca  or read my blog at www.rickbonnette.blogspot.com or follow me on twitter at:  RickBonnette1

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