Forget about hurting big business, first casualties of L.A.’s “Occupy” movement are the little guys

Forget about hurting big business, first casualties of L.A.’s “Occupy” movement are the little guys

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LOS  ANGELES — In an irony that eclipses most, the Occupy L.A. protestors have successfully stymied a weekly farmers market that is held on City Hall grounds and has been for years.  Vendors truck in fresh produce and sell to passers-by sometimes making $200 for the day, but usually plenty less.

But this last Thursday, the rag-tag farmers found their space literally occupied by Occupy L.A. supporters who refused to give ground.  According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, Occupy L.A. activist Martine Fennelly flatly stated that the protestors are staying put because “an occupation means an occupation, not a three-week camp-out.”

This controversy is pitting the farmers group, which found its space on the south lawn of City Hall in 2007 through the help of District 9 Councilwoman Jan Perry.  In addition to produce, the market growers also sell flowers, honey, shrimp tacos, ceviche and other goods.

But when the Occupy members refused to take down their tents and move for the day, City Hall officials scrambled to find a new location for the market.  Their abrupt move was to a less convenient site with little traffic, resulting in income dropping and leaving many vendors giving up until the protest ends.

Well, the 99 percenters did manage their goal of toppling wage earners.   Unfortunately, it was their fellow 99 percenters and not the 1 percent they so vehemently claim to want bring down.  That’s probably of little solace to the farmer going home with $60 in his or her pocket because of the stubbornness of Occupy L.A.

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