Murray, McGinn will be talking Ever Greater Seattle

Murray, McGinn will be talking Ever Greater Seattle

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SEATTLE — With the primary over political watchers are wondering which way the voters who did not back Mayor Mike McGinn and state Sen. Ed Murray will be leaning. It's a good question since it makes up a big chunk of Seattlites who care.

Erica Barnett of Publicola uses the defeat of Peter Steinbrueck as an opportunity to declare Lesser Seattle dead, saying the election outcome poses a dilemma for growth skeptics. "[T]he Lesser Seattle crowd doesn't have a candidate to back in this year's mayor's race."

My question to Erica: When did they ever?

First, Lesser Seattle was never a political movement — it's been more like a thread running through the city since the late 1950s. It's more of an attitude than a platform, which pokes holes in the grandiosity of city boosters. It was an antidote to the boosterism of Greater Seattle which, one could make the case, is in jeopardy also, given that it was birthed in the late 1940s to give us Seafair, which might be fading, if this year's low turnout isn't a fluke. Read More

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