Let’s talk infrastructure and hit the road with President Clinton and Los Angeles Mayor

Let’s talk infrastructure and hit the road with President Clinton and Los Angeles Mayor

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LOS ANGELES —  As part of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)  conference held at LA City Hall recently, Mayor Eric Garcetti joined President Bill Clinton for a discussion on investing in resilient infrastructure and announced that the U.S. Green Building Council will move its 2016 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo from San Diego to Los Angeles.

"I was very pleased to hold the CGI 21st Century Infrastructure and Innovation for a Resilient Economy Conference in Los Angeles, which is setting a great example in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a more resilient city, while saving money for taxpayers," said  former President Bill Clinton.  "Today's conference gives us the opportunity to share best practices across cities and states on how to improve and maintain key infrastructure in a cost-effective way."

"It was an honor to host President Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative at City Hall today, and a perfect opportunity to announce that we'll be hosting the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, which will bring 30,000 visitors to Los Angeles" said Mayor Eric Garcetti. "Our city is leading the way when it comes to making meaningful investments in a sustainable future, including retrofitting 140,000 street lights with more efficient LED bulbs, and the world is taking note."

The Clinton Global Initiative America was established in June 2011 and addresses economic recovery in the United States.  Under President Clinton it brings together leaders in business, government and society to help create jobs, stimulate economic growth and support workforce development in America.  Since its inception, it has made more than 300 commitments valued at more than $15 billion.

Clinton pointed out that he felt “the one thing that I think has the best chance of destroying this political polarization in America is grassroots public-private partnerships.

“When people get up in the morning, when they think tomorrow is going to be just like yesterday, they are much more vulnerable to the siren song of politics,” Clinton added.

As Garcetti also observed regarding the deplorable state of infrastructure including Los Angeles to “fail forward” is not an option and among the new initiatives is installing solar panels and Wi-Fi hot spots on the new street lamps.

Oh, and as an aside, the busy Garcetti also penned a note off to CBS CEO Les Moonves asking his network to bring the next CBS late show to Los Angeles from its current location once David Letterman vacates his office and stupid pet tricks.  We’ll have to see which infrastructure the new host wants, New York or Los Angeles.


Photo : President Bill Clinton and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti talk before a packed audience at the Los Angeles City Hall.  (Photo by Jon Endow)

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