Charlie Hales : New Mayor of Portland, Oregon

Charlie Hales : New Mayor of Portland, Oregon

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PORLAND ,OREGON — For as long as he can remember, Charlie Hales has loved the human energy of an exciting city as well as the natural beauty of the great outdoors.

Watching as the urban core, suburbs and exurbs in his native northern Virginia succumbed to haphazard planning did more than disappoint and frustrate him. It instilled Charlie with a cause that led to a career.

He earned his degree in political theory from an honors program at the University of Virginia. After graduating, he climbed in his Plymouth Valiant and pointed toward Portland. “Even in 1979 people knew this was a magical place,” he says, “an exhilarating city close to forests and fields and not far from mountains and an ocean.”

Charlie went to work for the Homebuilders Association of Metropolitan Portland and raised a family in Northeast and Southwest Portland. But, both at work and in the community, he began to detect hints of the sort of shortsighted development he thought he’d left behind back East.

That led to Charlie’s 1992 run for City Council. “Almost nobody knew my name,” he recalls, “and I didn’t have a great deal of money. So I had to introduce myself – one voter at a time.” The message at more than 20,000 doors was straightforward: “Portland is about to grow and how we grow is very important.”

Charlie was elected that year and twice more. In the ensuing decade he turned his views into action again and again.

  •  At the Transportation Bureau, Charlie Hales championed light rail expansion, streetcar development and safe bicycle routes to reduce traffic congestion and improve the environment.
  • In the face of tough resistance at the Fire Bureau, Charlie Hales created a training program that brought dozens of women and minority firefighters to what had been a nearly all-male, all-white force.
  • At the Parks Bureau, he inspired the first successful bond measure in half a century, then leveraged the funds to raise enough additional money to build or renovate 110 parks in every area of the city. A decrepit community center in Mt. Scott was repaired and outfitted with a swimming pool, the Peninsula Park Center in North Portland was restored, and new community centers rose in East Portland and Southwest Portland.
  • On issue after issue in City Hall, Charlie Hales voted on principle and conscience, not expedience or influence. Unanswered civil liberties questions and concerns about public safety resources made him the first City Commissioner to vote against signing onto the  Joint Terrorism Task Force.
  • And remember what first spurred him to run for office? Charlie Hales took stands against builders he had worked with when they sought approval for gated communities, snout houses and other detrimental developments.

Charlie left office in 2002 when a nationally prominent engineering firm asked him to replicate some of his successful mass transit efforts in cities around the country. As Senior VP for Transit Planning at HDR, Inc., he has studied, instituted and managed projects in Cincinnati, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Sacramento, Salt Lake City and Scottsdale. He has made presentations to civic leaders and planners in Austin, Charlotte, Denver, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Providence and Taipei.

Charlie left Portland for a few years after marrying his wife Nancy, whose two children were still in high school in Stevenson on the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge. But as soon they could, the Hales returned to Portland where they have poured sweat equity into fixing up a Tudor home in Eastmoreland over the past four years.

Nancy Hales manages First Stop Portland, a program in Portland State University’s Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies that organizes and provides logistical support for visiting delegations interested in learning about Portland’s sustainability practices.

Charlie is on the boards of Friends of Trees, which has helped to plant over 400,000 trees on Portland’s streets, and the Portland Parks Foundation, which helps to provide local parks to areas of the city without enough of them. He has been a SMART reader, volunteered at Meals on Wheels and served on the Portland Public Market Committee. His work has been honored by the Bruner Foundation for Urban Excellence, the American Society of Landscape Architects, the Oregon Chapter of the American Planning Association, the League of Oregon Cities and the Portland Bicycle Transportation Alliance. Charlie and Nancy are proud to have 5 children between them and one old dog.

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