Israeli hacker publishes credit card details of Saudis

Israeli hacker publishes credit card details of Saudis

Post ID: 30624 | POSTED ON: Jan 11, 2012

TEL AVIV — An Israeli hacker has published the credit card details of hundreds of Saudi nationals after a similar move by anti-Israel hackers last week, local media reported on Wednesday.

The Israeli hacker, who calls himself Omer Cohen or 0xOmer, published hundreds of credit card numbers, email addresses and phone numbers belonging to mostly Saudi nationals on Pastebin, a free text-hosting website, on Tuesday night. Last week, the details of about 15,000 Israeli credit cards were posted on the One sports website by a Saudi national who used the pseudonym OxOmar.

“This is just the beginning,” 0xOmer told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday. “We have over 300 Saudi credit card numbers in our possession… and over 10,000 personal details of people in Saudi Arabia, including full names, emails, and addresses. If they publish one more little detail on Israel, we will attack in full force and publish all of the credit card details”.

Cohen said he would not publish the three-digit card security code, or CVC numbers, adding that his aim was only to warn anti-Israel hackers and deter them against future attacks. “I belong to a group of hackers named Israel Defenders,” he said, adding the team is made up of four members.

He claimed that one of the members is an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldier serving in Military Intelligence. “Many want to know how old I am, and some think I’m an adult. The right answer is that I’m 17,” 0xOmer added.

Last week, Israeli credit card companies and the Bank of Israel scrambled to quickly disable credit card numbers compromised by the actions of OxOmar. The Bank of Israel said customers would not bear responsibility for any fraudulent use of their cards.

An international group of hackers claimed to have gained access to 400,000 Israeli credit card accounts before OxOmar published the credit card details of thousands of Israelis. They warned that they would continue to publish more account information already in their possession.

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