Russia: Unknown Country

Russia: Unknown Country

BY: Jared DeLuna
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MOSCOW ( MAYORS & CITIES ) — Drinking my tea, looking for more and more places where I can land a job and it strikes me. Russia is an Unknown Country. There are little travel blogs about it and the people who are writing about Russia are not professional journalists. They are normal people who just happen to love Russia. Anyone can tell you that life here is a tough one.  However, nothing you read online about the country will ever prepare you for your life in Russia.

Russia is vast.  It is comprised of so much land that there is a tough time to even protect it from different invading forces. Russia has gone through different cultures from the Tar-Tars to the Soviet Union. These differences have formed a different type of country. Not the country that we all talk about, but rather a country that has been on the craziest path in its history.

 Russians are leaving the country because they want to find better jobs and have a better life. Foreigners are coming into the country because they are looking for the highest paid jobs. It is no secret that where I currently live it is a very expensive place. Moscow, Russia is one of the most expensive places not only because of the cost of clothing, but also the cost of apartments here.

Money may be one lure for people to come to Moscow, but it is not the only thing to think of before you pack your bags and come here. There is no doubt that you will have to work hard to get noticed here. However, Russia can offer you some good things while you stay here. It is a beautiful country full of wonderful forests and small sleepy villages and towns. If you want to see the differences between America and Russia, all you have to do is go into one of these small towns. People are different, not only because of the culture but also because of the climate. It can get depressing when living here in the winter months. At the same time life can get much better than the life you left behind. Russia is magnificent.  I recommend, however, you take some time off and come visit before you even decide to move to the country. See the sights, smell the smells and enjoy the drinks. Live your life here to the fullest and never be depressed in Russia.

Don’t come to Russia and expect that you will make millions over night. Those days are over.  Come to Russia to fall in love with the country, with the people and most important of all, fall in love with your country all over again while staying here.

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Photo ( Grand Petergof Palace and Grand Cascade ) by BOSSI

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