Venezuelan VP says Hugo Chavez undergoing new chemotherapy treatments…

Venezuelan VP says Hugo Chavez undergoing new chemotherapy treatments…

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CARACAS, VENEZUELA  — Venezuelan Vice-President Nicolas Maduro said the country's leader, Hugo Chavez, has begun further chemotherapy sessions.

Following a Mass held to pray and support Chavez's health condition on Friday night, Maduro said the 58-year-old leader was receiving "complementary chemotherapy treatments" at the Military Hospital in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.

Maduro added that Chavez has had "general improvements," and although adding that the treatment would be difficult, he underlined that the President has "superior strength" and in a "good state of mind."

Constant rumors around Chavez's health condition have been circulating since June 2011, when the Venezuelan president first stated that he was recovering from an operation that removed an abscessed tumor with cancerous cells. He later declared in July 2012 that he had fully recovered from cancer, only three months before the country held presidential elections, which Chavez ultimately won on October 7, 2012.

Chavez underwent surgery on December 11, 2012 and has not made a public appearance ever since, triggering further doubts regarding his health condition. Chavez was admitted at the Military Hospital on February 18.

Chavez, who first assumed office in 1999, is set to carry out his fourth presidential term, which is scheduled to begin on January 10 and end in 2019.

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