Why I Love My City – Las Vegas, Nevada

Why I Love My City – Las Vegas, Nevada

BY: Robert A Massi Esq
Post ID: 23409 | POSTED ON: Nov 16, 2011

LAS  VEGAS — When I tell people I live in Las Vegas, a common response I hear is, “Which hotel do you live in?” As odd as it sounds, the rest of the country doesn’t seem to grasp our fair city and all that it holds. We are world-renown as being unique from every other city around the globe, whether it’s because of the 24-hour carefree culture or the 4.2 miles known affectionately as the “Strip.” But for the average tourist who visits Las Vegas, there is a side that most don’t see. The city I love has more than 2-million people, yet it truly has a small-town feel.

This city has always had a transient nature, from the silver miners who came looking for wealth in the mid-19th Century to gamblers looking to make a quick strike at the casinos. However, the real founders of Las Vegas were families who held their arms open to newcomers, a sentiment that still holds true today. Though our growth spurt has slowed in recent years because of the economy, we are still one of the fastest growing communities in the country. There has to be a reason so many people head to the desert to find happiness and, more importantly, choose to stay. I personally believe that it’s because Las Vegas offers the best the United States has to offer.

Las Vegas is a wonderful place to raise a family. Each area of the Las Vegas Valley has its own community-binding attractions and events, from neighborhood kids heading to the community center on a hot summer day to a local artist showcasing their work at a local gallery. Educational opportunities are great for all levels, from preschool and kindergarten to University of Nevada-Las Vegas and College of Southern Nevada.

While the media may never focus on the generosity of this community, it truly is home to some of the kindest people you will ever meet. There are amazing charities and foundations, and it is not uncommon to see the same faces on multiple charitable boards. Anyone who has labeled Las Vegas as a haven of greed and deception should visit one of the local charities or attend a fundraising event. You will be amazed at the support these events receive from life-long Las Vegans.

Las Vegas truly is a melting pot, not just of people from around the world but of experiences and opportunities. Where else can you drive 30 minutes in one direction and go water skiing or 30 minutes in the opposite direction and hit the slopes? Outdoor enthusiasts can take a short jaunt to the breathtaking Red Rock Canyon, go hiking up Black Mountain, visit the wondrous Hoover Dam or head to Lake Mead for boating activities. And have I mentioned the golf? We have some of the most fantastic golf courses by the top designers in the world, all open 365 days a year. Las Vegas is home to PGA-sanctioned events, yet duffers of all skill levels can find an enjoyable course that overlooks the Las Vegas Strip.

Most tourists in Las Vegas never leave the confines of the hotels on the Strip. There is so much more to see. Do yourself a favor – grab a taxi, rent a car or take public transportation away from Las Vegas Boulevard and witness firsthand the “other” Las Vegas. Experience what our communities have to offer. Then you’ll see that we truly don’t live in hotels.   

Attorney Robert A. Massi is licensed in both Nevada and Texas.  He began practicing law in1980 and provides legal counsel and representation in real estate and foreclosures, personal injury, business law, fraud and scam prevention, and wills, trusts and probate.  He has more than 30 years of courtroom experience and more than 20 years of on-air television analysis in the legal arena.  He hosts a weekly segment on FOX News Channel’s FOX & Friends called “Shattered Dreams” and offers advice to viewers nationwide.  Besides his advice to television audiences, Massi is an author and an expert in real estate litigation.  For more information about Massi, check out www.bobmassi.com

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Robert A Massi Esq

Robert A. Massi, born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, became a Nevada resident in 1975. He’s a Las Vegas attorney licensed to practice in both Nevada and Texas. Bob does, however, do more than practice law. He represents it in a simple and agreeable manner to the layperson on the radio, on television, in books and in personal seminars. Robert A. Massi & Associates represents clients in personal injury, real estate and business law cases; and handles wills, trusts and probate.

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