A New Era of Fiscal Discipline and Accountability in Washington, D.C.

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PARK CITY, UT — Tim Aalders’ Exploratory Committee for the U.S. Senate launches its “Stop the Insanity in Washington, D.C.” campaign.

The two-part plan is focused on eliminating the progressive tax system that redistributes money from one taxpayer to another by bureaucrats based on their social engineering scheme, and then stop the federal government take over of companies in Detroit and bail out of financial institutions on wall street. Aalders and his supporters believe that these two objectives are key to changing the paradigm in irresponsible fiscal policy and government interference or intervention in the free enterprise system.

“The nation needs not just comprehensive tax reform,” says Aalders. “Our present system puts an unnecessary burden on each of us and stifles our economy by taking money out of the pockets of one group of Americans and putting it in the hands of another group of Americans. We need a new revenue model for the federal government that does not put one group of Americans against another. We are all in this together.”

Aalders leverages his successful track record in business to outline a clear strategy for accomplishing this new era of fiscally responsible government. He advocates managing the affairs of the taxpayers in Washington, D.C. like the million of small business owners do in their own companies by hard work, long productive hours and the fiscal discipline to spend only what is necessary for the business to be more productive and more efficient which ultimately minimize debt and increase profitability. He plan to repeal the current progressive tax system and replace it with an entirely new revenue model that does not foster two Americas. 

“It is not about cutting or raising taxes any more, said Dwayne Vance, founding member of Tim Aalders Exploratory Committee for U.S. Senate. We cannot fix the current progressive tax code by adding new pages to it from democrats and republicans. We are sick and tired of politicians playing ping pong with our future and the future of our children and grand children. The current system is not sustainable. We agree with Tim, need to do something different; we need a new revenue model for the United States of America, he added.” 

Several organizations dedicated to making Washington more accountable to taxpayers have become closely aligned with Aalders’ campaign platform. Some of them have even likened the Federal government’s overspending and misuse of tax dollars to the biggest Ponzi scheme perpetrated on the American people where revenue from social security recipients are paid with new money from current workers instead of contributions from the actual recipients as originally intended.  

ABOUT TIM AALDERS’ EXPLORATORY COMMITTEE The Exploratory Committee has assembled a team of people who love America and plan on dedicating a large part of this campaign meeting Americans with similar views as they travel the Stater. They will go to every precinct in Utah, and bring you the stories of the real folks as they try to understand how to best represent the States and its citizens in Washington, DC. This is about meeting everyday Utahns and giving them a chance to have a voice. We are stopping in every county in order to meet our fellow patriots, and give you a chance to share your ideas with us. 

To learn more about Tim Aalders and the issues he supports, visit http://www.tim4senate.org/ or call (801) 607-5931.

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John Lyndon

Publisher & Editor In Chief at MAYORS & CITIES Magazine
John Lyndon is the Publisher and Editor In Chief of Mayors & Cities Magazine.

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