Local Elected officials disturbed with cuts in community development…

Local Elected officials disturbed with cuts in community development…

BY: National League Of Cities
Post ID: 23869 | POSTED ON: Nov 18, 2011

WASHINGTON, DC. – Local government officials today are baffled by the short-sighted decision of Congress to cut the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program as part of the Minibus Appropriations bill.

CDBG is the largest federal program dedicated to supporting the economic development and job creation activities of cities, counties and states in thousands of communities across the nation. CDBG creates jobs, leverages private investment for economic development, supports home-ownership, builds critical infrastructure, including energy efficient improvements.  It also provides critical social services to communities based on their distinct local needs while also assisting cities and counties in planning for community and economic revitalization. The nation is facing dire fiscal pressure related to ongoing issues of home foreclosures, rising unemployment, and a loss of confidence in our federal lawmakers who cannot agree on a plan of action that will turn this economy around.  Now is surely not the time to for Congress to send the message that funding in support of neighborhoods and family economic stability is not a top priority. With over 85 percent of people in this country living in cities and metropolitan areas, we know that as go cities and counties, so goes the nation. In the last year, local government officials have repeatedly traveled to Washington to explain to Members of Congress the impact of the CDBG program in communities all across this country.  We will not rest until the CDBG funding is restored.   Photo By BOSSI

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