Los Angeles City Council Passes a Resolution in Support of “Occupy LA” Demonstrators

Los Angeles City Council Passes a Resolution in Support of “Occupy LA” Demonstrators

Post ID: 788 | POSTED ON: Oct 16, 2011

LOS ANGELES ( Charles Fredeen ) The Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution on October 12 supporting the First Amendment rights of demonstrators camped outside City Hall for the Occupy LA movement.  As the protest moved into its third week, the council heard public comment from scores of protestors, allowing them to move their encampment on to the South Lawn of Los Angeles’ City Hall.  The demonstrators lauded the LAPD and General Services Police for their “kind and considerate treatment.”

 The Occupy LA movement is just one of many off-shoots of the Occupy Wall Street movement that have taken root not only in the United States, but has now expanded to about 85 countries and nearly 1,000 cities.  With no clear leader and just a general protest of banking, Wall Street, corporate greed and the financial inequality between the so-called 99 percenters and the 1 percenters, it is unclear where the movement can literally move.

The “99ers” claim to be the majority of people who work hard (if they have jobs), pay their taxes and support social programs, versus the “1 percenters” whose extreme wealth has been steadily consolidated, leaving a huge monetary gap between the upper class and the middle and lower classes.

The movement has been compared to the “Tea Party” phenomenon of about three years ago.  Yet, recent polls show that the “Occupy” movements are receiving even more support than what occurred with the Tea Party.

Currently, “Occupy” movements have spread from Lower Manhattan’s Occupy Wall Street, to Tokyo, Sydney, Manila, London, Rome and even Des Moines, Iowa.

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