Published by Mayors & Cities ,Inc  a Washington DC based nonprofit, non partisan news organization, Mayors & Cities Magazine was officially launched on October 10, 2010.

The magazine is published daily online, weekly on TV and quarterly in print and is dedicated to exploring cities, their leaders, residents and businesses.

Since its launch, Mayors & Cities Magazine has seen its audience expand dramatically. While the majority of its readers are in the United States, Canada, Australia and in the United Kingdom, it remains true that the magazine also claims more and more readers in Europe, Asia and in many other parts of the world.
And if Mayors & Cities Magazine has built  such a reputation in a very short period of time, it’s not only thanks to the seriousness and professionalism of our journalists, reporters and contributors, but also especially due to the quality of its readers and their increasing support. Among these readers are: mayors, city councilors, public institutions and private organizations working with or for municipalities, and employees in federal, state and local governments. The audience of Mayors & Cities Magazine also includes persons holding high office or positions of responsibility at the local, state or federal government levels. In this category we can mention: legislators, county executives, judges, journalists, lawyers, politicians, university professors, educators and of course businessmen or entrepreneurs who play a fundamental role in the economic life of many municipalities around the world.

Aware of the crucial role that media outlets play today in the development of any society, the founders of Mayors & Cities Magazine are making available to mayors, municipal councils and all others who are involved in the development of our cities and towns, an information tool or even better a platform that can easily facilitate the exchange of experience and knowledge among mayors and cities around the world and to the general public.

Our magazine also intends to give mayors, mayors’ associations, organizations, institutions and municipal authorities the opportunity to make their voices and positions heard in the search for solutions to major problems that our cities are facing today. Among the topics Mayors & Cities Magazine explores are the fight against climate change, promoting renewable energy, green, employment, safety, waste management and sanitation, transportation, urban development, infrastructures, health, education, economy and the fight against poverty…Etc

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